Saturday, 29 November 2014

Pi Progress - Transfer and Run Python files from a remote computer

*edit* this post is way too vague on detail.
Where's the link to the sine wave program?
Where's the link to keeping the wifi connection up?

Here's my Pi running a little sine wave program, as displayed on my laptop.


To do this I installed and ran tightvncserver on my Pi.

On my Linux laptop I used xvnc4viewer to connect to the Pi.

I used Filezilla to transfer the Python program to the Pi.

I coded the program in the Geany IDE.

The instruction on the Pi website were very clear. I used JerseyItGuy's videos to help set up the Pi for remote access.

I needed something to stop the Pi from disconnecting from the WiFi periodically, so I googled this problem and followed some instructions to keep the WiFi connection up.

I've connected to the Pi with my Android tablet, iPad, PC and Laptop now, but cannot get my Android phone to connect yet.