Saturday, 17 November 2018

Vivarium Monitoring

This fellow is a new addition to our household:

We have a new vivarium for him and I wanted to be able to monitor the temperature inside from anywhere. I was thinking of using MQTT and Thingspeak, but a quick search came up with BLYNK!

Blynk is an app that is easy to link to with Arduino / ESP8266. The device sends data to Blynk's server and the app is SO easy to set up and display the data in graphical and text form.

I used info and code from these sources and adapted them to suit.

My code can be found here:

I have a Heltec ESP8266 with OLED display.

I may change this as I want the project to be battery powered.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Heltec ESP8266 with Built in OLED display

I'm still working on the home heating project, and now want to add room thermostats with displays on some of them,

I purchased this:

It was tricky to get going but this guide was fantastic:

If you see guides that say to use the Adafruit libraries -  feel free to give them a go, but the U82g library worked best for me.