Sunday, 30 October 2016

Home Heating IoT Project - Interface Designed

The interface is now built:

It uses PHP to write to a CSV and the interface reads from the current settings (in csv format) where present, and set these as the default selections.

Ideally I'd like to use AJAX to update the info live.

The html and css are here at git hub.

It's meant to be a mobile ready design but although it picks up the mobile version in a small desktop browser window, my phone displays only the desktop version.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Home Heating IoT Project - Project Planning

Detailed Requirements:

1) each heater should have 2 programmable time slots, for morning and evening heating

2) it should be possible to turn each heater on or off manually from the interface

3) each heater should have a manual override to turn/stay off or on regardless of program.

4) there should be an override to turn all heaters off.

5) it should be possible to set the heat level (using mark space ratio)

6) it could be possible to link the heat level to outside temp.

7) the program data will be stored on a local csv file (or google sheet?)

8) there will be a php-based interface with the csv file to allow changes to be made, and the current status of the heater to be known.

9) a python program will manage the relays, using the csv file to determine required state of the output.

Schedule data (csv):

sleep (all off)
room1, start1, end1, start2, end2, rm1override on, rm1override off, heatlevel1
room2, start1, end1, start2, end2, rm2override on, rm2override off, heatlevel2
room3, start1, end1, start2, end2, rm3override on, rm3override off, heatlevel3
room4, start1, end1, start2, end2, rm4override on, rm4override off, heatlevel4