Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Dodgy HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

I've had a few issues trying get ultrasonic sensors working recently.

I'd had no problems previously when I'd used Flowol software to get one working with the boat project, so initially I suspected it was me trying to use Ardublock that was the problem, or just lack of skilled wiring on my part.

Turns out it was 4 dodgy HC-SR04 I'd bought through Amazon from China.

I built the circuit and tried the Newping sample sketch on one of the Amazon HC-SR04s. No reading on the serial monitor when using the Newping (well actually a continous zero reading)

I tried each of the sensors in turn, and as soon as I put an older SR04 I had lying around in the circuit, I immediately got good numbers in.

God to isolate the problem, but sucks to have to either return the parts or write them off and buy more.

At least knowing I had a good sensors let me try out the Ardublock program again, this time with some success, although it wouldn't read above 20cm.

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