Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Arduino with Bluetooth and ArduBlock

My daughter has a holiday project to build a robot, so we are adding Arduino controlled features.

I've tried to get bluetooth working with the arduino before with the boat project. But failed for whatever reason.

I recently discovered Ardublock, which is great way to get a program working without getting bogged down in the typing. It tops S4A because you can upload to the Arduino, and see the actual code it is creating:

This worked well and had the pin 13 LED blinking.

I attached the HC-06 bluetooth chip to the arduino and loaded up the Bluetooth Serial Controller App.

Once the HC-06 was paired (easy to do if you're used to pairing speakers and stuff regularly) the app was able to send '5' to the Arduino and get the LED blinking.

Now do do a few more adventurous things with the robot.

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