Friday, 9 October 2015

Son of Thermobot - Mk2 Lives!

It's nearly time for the first Jersey Raspberry Jam and I'm taking along Thermobot. Thermobot Mk1 was taken apart for other projects so it was time to rebuild.

We have 3 HUGE tubs of lego, so it was pretty easy to source enough bits for a much better chassis:

check out the bolted stepper motor!
Then add the pi, thermometer and stepper controller board:

It took several goes and a nasty burning smell before I finally got all the wires in the right places, which is why I drew the above, so it's easier next time.

The code is the same as before. Except that I haven't bothered to get it to graph the data this time.

With the new gearing, the robot moves 6 cm per rotation, so 3 cm per °C

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