Saturday, 7 March 2015

Remote accessing a Raspberry Pi

Just a few tweeks to the pi to make it easier to work on it remotely:

1) Autostart the VNC server - (EDIT - I had to turn this off. After the first time of working, thereafter the remote screen was just grey with an 'x' mouse pointer. Starting manually works fine)

2) Get LAMP installed to allow remote access:

3) Install and get no-ip working -

It all works:

However I installed no-ip using some other instructions, which I won't link to, which put the noip client in the home directory, which I think is why I can't start noip the same way as I start TightVNC. It needs root privileges to run noip now, and I don't think it should if you install it properly.

(EDIT - My mobile network provider is blocking access to this site, but I can access it from everywhere else I've tried. Will try changing the re-direct settings on my router and the no-ip settings.)

Next task is writing the data continually to a sqlite db for 24 hours, to gauge the file size.

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